Digital Marketing

Content Creation:
Creating communications materials of posts, articles, newsletters, and digital content for social media channels

Social Media Management:
Building, managing and growing the presence through online: Facebook, Twitter and other strategically online properties

Digital Customer Services:
Customer support –answering questions however they come in (online messaging platforms, e-mail..) and managing any online feedback forums

Social media Analysis & Reporting:
Using Analytics, listening tools and other measurements to provide reports on metrics, and continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives

Digital Advertising:
Buying digital ads and promoting online through different digital platforms

Digital Video Content:
Creating digital video content for online use (Graphics, Animation..etc)

Graphic Design

Creative Content:
Creating creative visuals for posts on social media

Covers for Social Media:
Designing Facebook covers and Youtube headers etc..

Banners for Websites:
Developing HTML5 banners, gifs, flash for banners advertising

Website design:
Designing websites, landing pages, micro-sites, blogs for different social media purposes

Graphics for Videos:
Designing all the needed graphics (intro, outro, credits, titles, etc..) for videos

Digital Video Creation

Editing/ montage short videos for social media

Creating graphical images and animating them without footage

Shooting short videos (Tutorials, How-to’s, Step by step, corporate video for digital use on YouTube)

Web Development & SEO

Web Development:
Developing php, CMS, WordPress websites for blogs, landing pages and micro-sites

Optimizing websites to reach the first pages in web search engines

3D / 2D Graphics

We are storytellers that want to be an extension of your team, discovering what makes you special, and creating visual content that inspires your audience as it educates them.

We produce motion graphic animation, live action video, and whiteboard animation, as our creative weapons of choice.

You have found your video agency, long term partner, and creator of engaging stories.